About Trav
Trav who also goes by John in some social settings was born in Cambridge, MA, but raised in Jacksonville FL. Spent most of his life around Boston.  He currently lives in our nation's capital.  He realized his passion for writing once he found out how terrible he was at math.  Geometry proofs still haunt him to this day. He currently works in the food service industry and hates rocking suits to work even though he looks quite dashing. His time in the industry has hardened his soul and whatever the industry hasn't taken from him he will share with you.  He is still surprised that people complain about how long their meal took when it took 2 days to get water to Katrina victims. He enjoys vanilla yogurt and hummus.  He once was a vegetarian. He did it for a girl, but told everyone it was for animal rights.  He enjoys making people laugh and looks forward to laughing with all of you.